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Asplund Typeface

Asplund stemmed from a typeface I had created in a type design class. The previous typeface I called "Scandia" – a p o r t m a n t e a u from "Scandinavia" and "architecture", since Scandinavian architecture was the main inspiration for it. At the end of the class, I wasn't super satisfied with the place it was in. I eventually revisited it, renaming it from Scandia to Asplund.

With Asplund, I decided to simplify the typeface a bit, ditching the serifs Scandia had that I had spent so much time fighting with. I thought doing this would help get the typeface closer to the clean, minimalist style associated with Scandinavian architecture (and a lot of their design in general).

I also added many more glyphs to the typeface, since we could only do so many during the class I had initially designed Scandia for. I wanted to add glyphs that are necessary for the languages spoken in Scandinavia, such as ä, æ, å, ö, ø. While I was at it, I took the opportunity to explore components and anchors within the Glyphs App, since I had most of the pieces and it was only a matter of putting them together.